Sound Creation

    ...original compositions & arrangements



    ...dialogue arrangers and professional translators


    Sound Creation

    ...tv themes and jingles for advertisements


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    Live & Studio

    ...mobile recording

About Us

Groove Studio has been offering professional audio and video services since 2001. Artistic and Sound Quality are the benchmark for any of our productions.

The 300 sqm of recording studios have been planned in order to provide first class support for live recording (music), mixing, mastering and post-production (TV dubbing, speaking, audiobooks, sound dubbing, sound design and 5.1 surround mixing) other than the possibility to codify in any broadcasting or streaming format.

We have been collaborating constantly with the main multimedia and TV post-production companies. For years, we have been providing audio services for the main Italian Television Networks.

Groove Studio is also a record label working in various musical areas, through the Headache Production brand.

Thanks to its collaboration with top professionals in the field, Groove Studio is specialized in musical audio/video recording.


Groove Studio has:
4 studios for OverSound recording
3 studios for 5.1 mixes

Groove Studio can also provide: dialogue arrangers and professional translators, other than dubbing directors, and including Cinema and Theatre actors.

Groove Studio provides dubbing and dialogue adaptation services to some of the most important companies in the field, such as Rai, Sky, Feltrinelli, RCS Multimedia, DeAgostini and Fox.

And there's more: Speaking for institutional courses, audiobooks and tour guides help to complete Groove Studio's specialized offer.

Sound Creation

Groove Studio makes use of its collaboration with professionals working in music for the creation of original compositions, arrangements, tv themes and jingles for advertisements.

The sound dubbing and creation of special effects for any kind of TV, cinema and radio audio/video production requirements are managed by specialized sound design technicians.

Groove Studio has produced, among other things, music for commercials for the following brands: Nike Football, Bulgari, Sviluppo Sud, Consorzio Obbligatorio Olii Usati.

Live & Studio Recording

By using state of the art outboard, Groove Studio offers a Live & Studio recording service of the highest quality: the Hemiola Studio.

Thanks to the careful planning of the Hemiola Studio, it is possible to make multitrack recordings up to 48 channels simultaneously in 4 independent rooms using the Pro Tools HD systems.

Hemiola is ideal for producing live and multitrack sessions for musical bands thanks to 4 independent rooms which all visually connected with each other.

Piano, drums and guitar and bass amplifiers are available for a backline service which is always aimed to satisfy the most particular demands musicians might have.

Hemiola can also boast a mobile recording studio, suitable for a Live Recording of the highest quality up to 26 tracks.


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